Rui Borges Turntables

Rui Borges Turntables is a Portuguese brand of turntables which are personally designed and built from scratch by Rui Borges.
Rui built his first turntable in 1990-RSB Reference -and displayed it at the Portuguese Audioshow in 1995.
It was highly praised by the audiophile milieu. In 1996 a review of this turntable was published in the Portuguese magazine "Audio". Its author was Jorge Gonçalves, the magazine's editor-in-chief. On the following year, it was distinguished by this magazine as the "Analogue product of the year". Encouraged and motivated by it, Rui
Borges presented in 2000 another project - Ultimo - which was also very successful. The judicious choice of materials used in each key-point, the assembly methods, the absence of vibration, the rotational stability, is the result of uncountable hours of research and experimentation. Recognised for the quality and high performance of his turntables, Rui's quest for precision and his outstanding and unique attention to the smallest details in each of  his projects are the secret behind the excellent sound quality of these turntables.